Tapping of a spring

We locate and tap springs. Old existing tappings can be refreshed and optimized.

Many fields have subsoil drains and natural courses of streams had to give way to streets and habitation. Water preferably flows among the shades of trees and bushes. However present narrow designs of streams disallow nature-conform greening. We accomplished already many renaturations of rivers in collaboration with ProNatura Basellandschaft and engineering office Götz, specialized on hydraulic engineering close to nature. In the picture gallery you can see our current project of cooperation in Langenbruck, including a pendulum ramp, energizing the water according to Viktor Schauberger.

Only under certain conditions and with a proper execution a natural stream can emerge. Thanks to our longstanding experience and our comprehension, trained by nature, we are predestinated for renaturation and hydraulic engineering close to nature.