Flood Protection

A mountain stream in the Justis valley used to burst its banks during the snowmelt period every year, covering adjacent land with rubble and debris.

After installation of the «Schauberger blades», the water has never again burst its banks. Downstream, gravel and debris is removed every five years and used for alp closure, road construction and other purposes.

And these are the positive results:

  • Drastic reduction of costs for bank protection. Hundreds of tons of stone are saved.
  • Significant improvement of water quality through turbulence, as oxygen introduced by turbulence may be retained in the water for up to 20 minutes.
  • Debris deposits can be directed to where they can be easily removed.
  • Natural harmonisation of the stream or river.


Following the installation of the blade that creates water vortices, the force of the water is centred in the middle of the river. A vortex turning counter-clockwise and a vortex turning clockwise are created, which improve water quality for as long as this construction method is used.

The water hardly moves along the banks and no longer becomes aggressive even when the water level rises.

Debris is moved forward by gravitational forces in the middle of the river and the riverbed remains unobstructed. Thanks to this vortex technology, the water reached almost spring-water quality in a short space of time.