Our Philosophy

We have been active in the hydraulic engineering sector for 25 years and carried out the first ecological restoration of a stream in Switzerland that utilised no concrete or iron, but only natural materials, and in which no straight lines were constructed. It was only after completion of this project that the term «renaturation» was coined for this type of work. We are therefore pioneers in this sector.

Of course, given the wealth of longstanding experience we thus gained, we could not ignore the great Viktor Schauberger. Today, we are able to utilise professional, effective methods based on the work of Schauberger that guarantee long-term water quality, diversity of species and flood protection.

There are no straight lines in nature. However, realising this and making everything look natural is not a skill everybody has. This is why our construction machine operators are specially trained for this kind of construction. We have walking excavators at our disposal for terrain that is difficult to access.

Due to our knowledge, we are consulted regarding projects like water location, well construction, constructed wetlands and water vortex power plants across the world. We worked in countries such as Ethiopia, Costa Rica, France and Switzerland.


Permaculture means permanent culture. The fundamental idea thereof is it to achieve a sustainable, fair and social culture through sustainable and local agriculture – worldwide! Biodiversity plays an important role thereby. The role model of permaculture farming is a balanced ecological system. Implemented, this means ecovillages, paradisical self-sufficient gardening, edible landscapes in public spaces, more peasant farmers with CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and local money right up to barter trade. To realize this philosophy as a strategy solves issues like famine, unemployment, wealth, crime and all kinds of diseases, since healthy foods assure the basis of existence.

Hydraulic engineering and water management are a very important part of permaculture. Water is more than a dead bulk with the chemical label H2O. Water carries information and is the source of life. Nothing on this planet would be alive without water.

In Switzerland, water is polluted with all kinds of toxic substances, too. Most of them origin in agriculture, which acts more and more profit-oriented, supported by the state, heading towards the completely wrong direction.

We offer simple, reasonable and sustainable solutions and are open to any kind of collaboration.

A clean building site

We always carry a trash bag with us and collect plastic, which emerges at construction. Of course we ourselves don’t leave any waste nor any cigarette ends at the building site. Finally, all the decisions we make fall back to us humans since we live in this circulation of law of nature. Permalogically therefore would be to think of future seven generations before polluting one’s own livelihood/«Pachamama».